Turkish Support Teams

More progress on my growing Turkish army for Konflikt 47. Today a couple of support teams.

First, a sniper team. Yes, the gunner has a turban. In the Greek-Turkish war of 1922 there were many irregulars on both sides from many backgrounds. I think it is likely similar diversity will also occur in the crisis of 1947. Sniper teams are perfect to show off some of the more independent souls who join the fight to defend their homeland.

The other squad is a medium machine gun. These miniatures are WWI Ottomans from Woodbine Designs.

The older MMG will not look out of place on the table.

Next in the queue, a lend lease tank.

8 thoughts on “Turkish Support Teams

  1. Looking great! I’m continuing to like the ragtag nature of these guys, and your explanations for the historical basis for modeling decisions. Really well done!

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