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Ding ding ding. Hobby alert

It is modelling Jim, but not as we know it.

Santa gifted me a sheet-metal model kit of a classic W-Class Melbourne tram.

Working in metal drew on different skills to the plastic I am used to. And as a model rather than a gaming kit, there was quite a bit more detail than I’m used to.

The detail is cool and the kit is well engineered. It went together OK, once I worked out some of the tricks needed. In this way the kit was quite clever, with the challenge of the different sub-assemblies increasing before the final assembly.

I enjoyed the challenge and the end result is quite sweet, and captures W-Class trams quite well.

Only a few routes still use them, which is a good thing, on the whole. Hard to get on and off (impossible for wheelchairs), hot in summer, cold in winter, I’m happy to leave them to nostalgia.

old school car wars

I’ve been on the road a lot so far this year, which has meant that not a lot of hobby has occurred. So, it may be ironic that the family broke out this re-boot of the classic Steve Jackson Car Wars.

Car Wars holds up really well for a game that is now around 40 years old. I think this is the second edition, which got a re-release around the time of the 6th edition kickstarter.

It is a nicely presented set, with punch-out, card playing pieces and pretty clean copies of the rules and other tables.

Playing straight from the box, we did a classic duel on the open road. I like arena games better, with more the higher potential for silliness, but the road version delivered plenty of laughs (and carnage).

I still prefer Gaslands for my rev-head needs, but Car Wars is a nice pocket sized alternative. And it was a fun drive down memory lane.

but wait there’s more

More 1:72 Almoravid early medieval infantry. Spear and sword armed infantry, and skirmishers with javelins.

I have carried on the same limited pallet, which helps create a coherent look on the table.

Not sure why they are holding their spears pointing backwards, but I like the skin tone I have acheived.

These skirmishes are possibly my favourite unit. I quite like the effect of the simple shield design, which to me suggests the relative status of the unit.

I wondered if these javelin throwers needed more colour.

And then I thought, yeah nah, just finish them.

Coming soon: the beauty parade. I’ve finished the first box of this this little excursion.

So, come at me christians. I’m ready to defend Iberia.

AlmoravidsĀ Return

In the interest of painting the minis you already own, I have returned to a project I haven’t touched since before anyone had heard of coronaviruses: 20mm Almoravids.

I don’t have a particular rules set in mind. Maybe Lion Rampart. I’ll work that bit out later.

The minis are that chewy plastic and some of the detail is a bit soft. But they are cheap, and look fine at arm’s length.

After washing the spru I gave them all a coat with thinned PVA which is taking the paint nicely. They are quite fun to paint. I’m even giving a bit of free hand a go on the shields. All rather wobbly, but you have to start somewhere.

A few more yet, plus some cavalry. And, I’m pretty sure there are some more boxes in the shed, which will make two complete armies. For what ever rule set I land on.

M4 what for?

The US military loves calling things M4: tanks, guns and even a big old artillery tractor.

Another Anyscale miniature, this model is a simple as the original vehicle. Large, with heaps of towing power, it pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Probably not much more than scenery in most Bolt Action games. But in Konflikt 47, many scenarios have the opportunity to gain victory points for recovering tanks and walkers.

A fun little dimension that my US force will now be able to participate in. And that feels good.

digging a hole

Sometimes you just need a hole to hide in. Ever since machine guns were a thing (and before, probably) infantry have dug trenches, foxholes and other earthwork defenses.

Adding the option for a few of these on the table will be very handy for many attacker-defender scenarios in Bolt Action, and likely other games.

Some armies even come with the option of always being able to deploy with trenches or other defenses. Both the Italians (which I don’t have, yet) and the German/Hungarian Budapest Pocket Defenders have this option.

I kept painting simple with a few layers of dry-brushing with a limited palette. Detail is minimal, which made painting fast and means they will work on any battlefield from the US Civil War and into the Grim Dark Future. Which is fine with me.

These models are all resin from Anyscale Models. They are worth checking out, especially for vehicles you might find hard to find elsewhere.


Engagement with the hobby goes back and forwards just like the war waged across the Libyan plain. What better way to get back into painting than a few 15mm tanks as the start of an Afrika Korps force?

They are mostly Plastic Soldier Company. Assembled and, with the help of a rattle-can, base coated many years ago.

A Panzer III troop
Panzer IV, including one up-gunned to the longer barrel thingy and a Zvezda model with a different base coat lurking the background
Resin field cars from Battlefront Miniatures

Like many hobbyists, I like to have opposing forces. I still might do an Italian force, but for now I’m a step closer to having the start of a DAK force that matches my desert themed Australians.

Everything to date

I have no idea when this DAK force will get finished or what I will ultimately add, but that doesn’t matter. These are done and that makes me happy for now.

hobby, sure

Two weeks leave and high hopes for getting a bunch of hobby done. Yeah, sure. Nah.

I did turn these crafty ball things into hedges, so I guess that is hobby.

It was nice to be off work for a while though.

Here’s to getting some hobby done sometime soon.

One matador, no bull

I’m not sure about you, but I love to buy random kits and 15mm scratches this itch nicely, since you can often pick up a model for less than $20. Usually with only a few parts and quick to paint I find they can be a pleasurable thing to do between larger projects.

And that is why I now have a Matador truck from Zvezda. I’ve done it in desert colours because all of my other British in 15mm are themed around North Africa and there is a remote chance it will be used one day.

In the meantime, it means one more mini in this world is painted. And for today, that is enough.