Get me a bigger fez

Sometimes shiny gold buttons and red collars are not enough. You also need a big hat to show just how important you are.

Today I have some officers for my Turkish Konflikt 47 project. Three of the five figures are Ottoman Turks from Woodbine Designs WWI range. They are very nice miniatures, with heaps of character.

I don’t really need all of these officers, but they came as a set. And now I have options, and painted minis.

I also completed a German Liaison Officer. Under my home brew rules, for a Turkish force to have access to the weird tech, German observers must be present. These officers and their teams provide advice on correct tactics of the new weapons. They also keep an eye on the political reliability of their new allies. Attending the liaison officer is an interpreter. German officers with an interpreter are allowed to use their Snap To on Turkish units, including the extra die that German officers have as part of their national rules

This final figure will become a forward observer for artillery or air support.

Next it the queue are some more support teams.

See you on the battlefields.

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