lend lease love

One of the things that motivated me to explore a Turkish army for Konflikt 47 is the mad array of armoured vehicles that Turkey possessed over the war period. This has been a great excuse to build and paint some vehicles without having to start a whole new army. Vehicles like this British Valentine tank.

In K-47, real world history is followed until the rift opens (in 1944) and the world jumps into a parallel, weird-science timeline. Up until 1943, wooing by the Allies included 180 Valentines from the UK, acquired as part of lend lease.

Reasonably well armoured and fitted with a QF 6-pdr anti-tank gun, the Valentine was a robust tank for its time and I can see it becoming a trusted member of the Turkish tank regiments.

Most of the delivered tanks are mark VIII. I include mark X tanks in my home brew list, which are fitted with a co-axial MMG in the turret. This makes the tank more useful in game and matches the kit I had in the cupboard. It is my fan fiction after all.

The model is a Rubicon plastic kit and is right on the usual quality from them.

The Turkish flags are from a decal set for the modern Turkish air force which I think do the job nicely.

I have more than enough complete units to get some games in. It might be very close to get some group shots together. And maybe even roll some dice.

13 thoughts on “lend lease love

  1. Great looking model. How does the size of the Rubicon vehicles compare to those from Warlord Games? I bought a WG halftrack for my “USA GI” Imperial Guard unit, and it’s a bit smaller than I would have hoped. I’d like something a little bigger.

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