Turkish Support Teams

More progress on my growing Turkish army for Konflikt 47. Today a couple of support teams.

First, a sniper team. Yes, the gunner has a turban. In the Greek-Turkish war of 1922 there were many irregulars on both sides from many backgrounds. I think it is likely similar diversity will also occur in the crisis of 1947. Sniper teams are perfect to show off some of the more independent souls who join the fight to defend their homeland.

The other squad is a medium machine gun. These miniatures are WWI Ottomans from Woodbine Designs.

The older MMG will not look out of place on the table.

Next in the queue, a lend lease tank.

Get me a bigger fez

Sometimes shiny gold buttons and red collars are not enough. You also need a big hat to show just how important you are.

Today I have some officers for my Turkish Konflikt 47 project. Three of the five figures are Ottoman Turks from Woodbine Designs WWI range. They are very nice miniatures, with heaps of character.

I don’t really need all of these officers, but they came as a set. And now I have options, and painted minis.

I also completed a German Liaison Officer. Under my home brew rules, for a Turkish force to have access to the weird tech, German observers must be present. These officers and their teams provide advice on correct tactics of the new weapons. They also keep an eye on the political reliability of their new allies. Attending the liaison officer is an interpreter. German officers with an interpreter are allowed to use their Snap To on Turkish units, including the extra die that German officers have as part of their national rules

This final figure will become a forward observer for artillery or air support.

Next it the queue are some more support teams.

See you on the battlefields.

still going!

No posts recently. Life. You know the drill. But work has NOT ceased on my Turkish army for Konflikt 47. After completing a tank and walker (which I think came out OK, check them out here) I have moved onto some support options and another squad of infantry. None of them are complete yet, so a WIP post today.

Support options include a medium mortar and some anti-tank in the form of a Pak 38 gun. They are Warlord Games Afrika Korps figures with a couple of added fez. Gunners work pretty hard and often seem to be stripped down in photos, so I think the hot climate uniforms will work nicely alongside everything else.

I have built a Kettenkrad from Rubicon as a tow option for the anti-tank gun. It is a fun kit to build and went together with a minimum of fuss despite some of tiny parts. The vehicle came with a goliath remote-bomb. Now that is a thing waiting for some weird war rules. Maybe a wee AI instead of a control-cable? Nothing could go wrong with that as a plan!

There is also an MMG. I nearly always field an MMG in Bolt Action and K-47. They can be a bit fragile on the table but they are iconic to the period. The team is a WWI vintage from Woodbine Designs, but Turkey is doing what it can in its homeland defense.

It feels like I’m in the home stretch of this project. Unless I keep buying more stuff.

Which might happen. So many ideas!


boots on ground

I’ve done some more work on my Turkish themed force for Konflikt 47. Adding to the existing units are Spinne Llight Panzermech and a unit of border guards. The panzermech is a weird science walking tank, which is a part of the K-47 world. It fits in much the same role as an armoured car, although the legs allow for better off-road performance over a wheeled vehicle. Did I mention the weird science part?

In our world, anti-tank rifles quickly fell out of favour. In K-47, the emergence of light armoured walkers and heavy armoured infantry saw their re-introduction in a specialist sniper role.

I have also completed a border guard squad. Keeping up the eclectic theme of the force, this squad uses older style uniforms rather than being equipped similar to late war Germans. The models are WWI Ottomans from Woodbine Designs. They are really very nice minis.

Border Guard units are armed with rifles but may also take panzerfaust

A German Liaison officer and attendent keep an eye on the patrol. Under my home brew rules, the presence of a German office allows for the Turks to deploy rift-tech units like the panzermech.

Gebirgsj├Ąger from Black Tree Design

Next up, some more vehicles and onto support units like medium machine guns and mortars. In rugged landscape of east and south Turkey, both these units will be useful assets for commanders.

slowly slowly

Painting is progressing slowly on my Turkish army for K-47. Base coat on the Panzer IV and some progress on the first of the border guard troops, which are WWI figures with the odd panzerfaust added.

Figure from Woodbine Designs, an ace WWI Ottoman range

I think they’ll come up OK. I have the next fortnight off work so it will be nice chance to make a bit of progress.