The road to Arc40K

Arcanacon is convention dear to my heart. Arc40K is an institution on the Melbourne 40K calendar, and deservedly so. It is only a fortnight away and with lists due soon I headed to the shed and pulled out some models. The decision on which one to take was easy, the only current codex I own is the Chaos Space Marine one. Job done.

Arc has always been a full hobby weekend: painting, sports and games, so most people bring some fiction and otherwise go the extra mile to really make their armies drip with theme. Here is my modest effort, background for a Word Bearer coven.

The Eidolon Speaks:


Do you want to live to ever?

Strive to shed the pathetic meat-sacks that bind your souls.

Shrive yourself with bolter and flame.

Strive to Glory on a tide of blood to honour our Dark Lords.

Pave the way to daemonhood with the eviscerated remnants
of the pathetic followers of the rotting corpse-emperor.

Well, do you?

The incensed filled landing bay of the deep-space transport filled with raised voices and the crashing of metal as fists beat time on shining armour. Lines of sigil-tattooed marines filed into the waiting landing craft, which roared to life and exited for the short drop the world below.

The Eidolon smiled as he felt the stirrings in his viscera and in the air around him from the pressure on reality as his allies from the warp pushed on the world-membrane, eager to enter this realm and taste blood once more.

The Eidolon smiled.


Who wants to live forever?

The Eidolon.

And the pending carnage will bring his plans one step closer.

see you in the grimdark

5 thoughts on “The road to Arc40K

    • Thanks Azazel – 40K is in the Malvern Town Hall, we parted way with the roleplayers a couple of years ago. I don’t mind the venue change, but not being on Australia Day confuses me somewhat!


      • Wow, that’s even weirder to me, Arcanacon was always a Collingwood Education Centre thing back when I used to attend. Even Australia Day instead of the later date that it used to be is odd. Is ConQuest still a thing? – that used to be the Easter Con, from memory..


      • plus ça change. Pretty sure conquest is still a thing and still easter. Lots of wargaming events outside the broader cons too. Not for everyone, but they are great opportunities to play

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