Captain Varus: Imperial Hero

miyaki_headFaith and Steel’s ace reporter Princess Miyaki is proud to have had a chance to speak with Captain Varus of the Ultramarines and very pleased that the transcript is back from the Inquisition and ready to share with you.
Well, we expect the go ahead to come back any day now, and we’re sure it will be fine.

Princess Miyaki-
Captain Varus, thank-you for taking the time to share some of your thoughts with our Faith and Steel readers

Captain Varus- I’m pleased to be here; it’s an absolute pleasure to take some time out from defending the Imperium to be with you. What would you like to discuss?

PM- I’m sure that the readers of Faith and Steel would love to hear about your approach to battle. Now you’re from the Ultramarines Chapter?

CV- That’s right Princess, and so we play it straight from the astartes playbook. My company is built around a core of tactical marines, who along with my devastators, form a firebase. They can of course push forward as needed to take objectives or crush the foe as required by the tactical situation.


PM- So the tac squads don’t normally form the assualt teams. Is that role taken by your fast assault marines?

CV- Not necessarily. Guilliman’s teaching is much more subtle. The fast assault are generally held as a mobile reserve, ready to support the firebase or exploit a gap. I generally push forward with my Scouts. Riding in a Landspeeder Storm they can get in amongst things quick and start dishing out damage.

PM- Scouts!

CV- It is part of their training. Generally there is enough of them left to sew back together and there is no better training for life as a marine. They don’t do it all alone of course. I’m generally close behind, in my Razorback, along with a crack squad of veterans.

PM- Speaking of yourself, you didn’t always have the lightening claws did you?

CV- Your intelligence is correct. When I first took command I used a power sword and bolter, but the reality is that I rarely used my bolter so I retrained and retooled to the claws. It is very sweet to turn the enemies of our Blessed Emporer into sushi.

PM- Captain, your company is currently deployed. Can you tell us a bit about that?

CV- I will not speak about operational matters. This interview is ended.

PM- Thank-you Captain Varus.

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