mail drop

Where do you go if you need a few Turkish flags?

I don’t know about you, but I headed for an authentic Turkish hobby shop and with the aid of google translate and paypal picked up some suitable transfers.

OK, they are air force livery, but hey, I’m off fighting a weird war, so they’ll do me nicely.


troops update

I am still working on my Turkish army for Konflikt 47. Slowly, but paint is being applied.

These are WIP. Next up will be some highlights and pick out some detail. On the right is a basic infantryman armed with an assault rifle. He is wearing a fez, but khaki because he is on a battlefield, not on a parade ground. It is silly enough not wearing a helmet, let alone making an unnecessary target of yourself. On the left is a Gebirgsjäger who will be part of a Überwachung (Observer) squad.

Überwachung are Germans deployed to advise the Turkish troops on rift-tactics and keep an eye on the political reliability of their new allies. When upgraded to veteran status these squads gets the Rift Tech is Expensive rule, which allows a Turkish force to include units with rift technology.

Another Gebirgsjäger, this one with a bit of detail added.

As I said, some progress but a way to go.

Motor pool

Holy Cow Batman! It has been six years since I have done any work on these little fellows, a 6 Division Australian force for the Western Desert. It is way past due to get some wheels for them. Weapon carriers for reconnaissance, trucks for troops, and Morris Quads for the artillery.

They look pretty rough up close, but they are only small, so look OK at “gaming distance”
Brm, brm

Transport is essential, so these trucks will be very handy for the troops (alas! still mostly sitting with undercoat) and the equally essential field artillery (also still sitting with undercoat- see a pattern?).

Still, progress on a long neglected project. I’m calling that a win.


WIP. Whoop! Whoop!

I like posting finished minis, but sometimes you have to go with what you have.

War has broken out in Korea in the Bolt Action universe, and I’m signing on for a tour. I’ve picked up a few squads of Chinese and have been pushing on with what for me has been a rapid pace.


There is a reasonable range of poses and not too much cleaning up to do, and the simplicity of the uniforms has sped things up somewhat.

I’m up to giving them a wash of Agrax Earthshade that I found in the cupboard, and then I’ll give them a final highlight, mostly to lighten the uniform again. Plus basing, of course.

Our brave *ahem* volunteers will also have some support in the form of surplus Soviet war matériel in the form of an SU-76 and some A/T. I’m choosing to ignore the Soviet uniforms. Also work in progress.

Once the medium mortar and MMG are complete, I think it will be about 650 to 700 points. Enough for a small game but clearly there are some more to be (acquired and) painted yet. Well, the South isn’t going to liberate itself.