Unbound unleashed!

Thanks to Steve, Cam and Oli for coming over and unleashing some war at the republic of Northcote.  It was such a brilliant sunny day that it would have been a waste not to be inside playing with our dollies.

On table one, Cam’s lovely grim-dark White Scars just pipped Oli’s Tau (now with added Kroot!).


Faith and Steel’s correspondent was on the other table, where Steve and I went unbound. As threatened in my last post I took all of my Imperial Fist terminators plus some devastators to make up the points to 1,500.


Oh! And a dreadnought

Steve arrived with 14 Heralds of Tzeentch. Yep, 14 of the buggers!

Just to make sure we had maximum confusion we used the tactical cards as well in the mission with six objectives.

Steve was very exposed to shooting early on, but with half my army deep striking in I couldn’t bring enough bolters to bear on the scattered individual daemons (l love bolter drill by the way, thanks Lysander), ultimately leaving me overwhelmed by a growing pool of blood thirsters (five when we stopped counting).
unbound05While it took until turn three for Chaos to kill a marine, things turned quickly after that. We drew a veil over events as the thin yellow line was being overrun by a tide of Khorne daemons.
unbound03 unbound04 unbound01 unbound08

The unbound craziness of the mounting daemons and dogged but ultimately overwhelmed terminators was a very cinematic game. Good fun.

Vale brothers, your sacrifice will be remembered.