Seven Thoughts on Seventh Edition

Or how I learned to stop worrying and keep loving the game

I’m shocked people. It turns out that internet rage is not based on fact or experience. Surely a fairy dies every time a troll posts something?

Seventh edition is on the streets and people are starting to get some games in. It looks like that in the grim dark future war will continue. And this is a good thing(tm).

So, I’ve finally looked at the new rules and played a game. With this in mind, here are my 7 thoughts on 7th ed:


7th ed game one: Steef’s Khorne with Tzeentch allies takes on my Ultramarines (now with added Libby)

1. The aim of the game remains unaltered. Getting together with friends to drink beer and play with war dollies. In fact, the new levels of wackiness are going to make this more not less fun. The opportunities to “forge da narrative” with unbound and the new dimensions opened up by the objective cards both support this direction.


Maulerfiend taking a surprising long time to clean up some devastators and the attached Librarian

2. I think unbound rocks. My design philosophy has always been “I like that mode; I’m going to use it”. The possibilities for creating cool themes just got busted wide open. People who write hard lists will continue to smash those of us with a less dedicated approach to list building. I’m not going to loose any sleep over that. I play for fun and who knows, maybe I’ll learn the rules this time around?

3. The new rule looks real purty and is well laid out. I’m a big fan of the white space. It really makes the rule book easy to read and fast to refer to. The index and order also seem OK. Did I mention that it looks nice?

4. More of an unthought. I haven’t opened either of the other two volumes. They are probably beautiful. I wouldn’t know. I’m holding out buying a set until I see what other options become available before I make a choice as to what to purchase.

5. I’m not yet convinced that he new shooting casualty rules are sensible. I guess resolving one weapon-type at a time introduces a new tension. Mostly I think it will slow the game down. I’m deferring judgement until I’ve played some more games.

6. I like the psychic phase. Tooled up psykers used to give me grief anyway (f-u elder shenanigans) and I like the resource planning aspect of the warp pool. My modest discovery is even a level one psyker can mess with your opponent’s plans for not much points.  Dr Faust has left his library and joined my Ultramarines.

7. I don’t have a seventh thought; I just liked the alliteration of the title.


Chaplain gets worked up and charges a bloodthirster summoned by naughty daemonic summoning type things. It didn’t end well.

40K is still fun. The toys are still cool. The beer is still cold.

Come on in, the gaming is fine.


(The game was a cracker. Steef’s nefarious Tzeentch-Khorne combo won the day, building up tactical objectives faster than I could hose down berserkers. Thanks to Mark for the pictures, table and beer.)