Flames of 47

The talented folk at Clockwork Goblin have gone back to their roots and released a series of Konflikt 47 miniatures in 15mm resin. I’ve picked up some walkers and a pack of 5 Tesla turrets to swap out on an existing Sherman troop from Plastic Solider Company.

The resin parts are clean, with little or no clean up required beyond the usual wash to prepare them. They take the paint nicely too.

There are no particular rules, but given Konflikt-47/Bolt Action works in 15mm (or 20mm, for that matter) just fine. Also, I think Tank Wars works even better at this scale, so 15mm is a perfect chance to put lots of toys on the table.

I couldn’t find in my cupboard any Allied decals in the right scale, so the final touches can wait. But these are ready for the table.

I’m still plodding along with my Turkish force. Next steps are to finish the last couple of units in the queue so I can take some nice photos to jazz up my home brew army book.

delayed action

Are you sitting down folks? Actual gaming happened! As part of the Conquest gaming convention over Easter in Melbourne there was a Bolt Action Tank Wars event. Ten players participated, so it was only a modest gathering but it was so nice to see some friends again irl and roll dice together.

Tanks Wars is not a form of Bolt Action I have much experience with. I played a few games when it first game out, but it was long enough ago I didn’t remember any of the lessons I may have learnt. It was however an ace opportunity to get my Hetzer assault guns all on the table at the same time.

Led by a Stuart light tank, Chris’ US force heads straight down the middle 50cals blazing. Just the way it should be.
A Hetzer holds the cross road: hull down it stalls an enemy probe on the right flank
Chris’ Marines push forward. Vets or not they couldn’t take the objective in the face machine gun fire from the Hetzers
Last game of the day, and Django’s Soviets withstood my initial shooting to surge forward and sweep me for the table.
This IS2 didn’t do a lot of damage, but I couldn’t stop it either. In the end my guns couldn’t position themselves to pierce its thick frontal armour

I don’t think I managed my assets very well on the day. Aggressive early, I didn’t leave enough in reserve to hold on in the final turns and drew or lost every game.

Thanks to my opponents: Pedro (Soviets), Chris (US Marines), and Django (Soviets), for three fun games.