wash your hands

In these dark days it is not totally surprising to find some plaguebearers in box. Before the current plastic ones, which are great, Games Workshop produced a few generations of metal plaguebearers.

Probably my favourite is this little guy, trying to hold his guts in with one hand while wielding a sword with the other. Such dedication.

The old and new mix well.

Quick and easy to paint, I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. And you can always use a few more daemons.

What’s that smell? Oh, hi Papa Nurgle

A local model shop was selling the last of its GW stock, mostly fantasy that despite the price I’m not really interested in.  There were some Grey Knights, but I don’t need another project, so I left feeling a little bit restrained with a cut-price box of plague bearers. Lesser daemons work best in numbers, so a few more of these won’t go astray.


Nurgle are fun and easy to paint.  You could take a lot of care and time. Or, take a more organic approach and throw the paint down after a couple of reds and see what happens. So, no prizes but I they are suitably icky, so mission accomplished.






Excuse me, I have to go wash my hands now.

Beware the moors

While the Chaos offensive may be broken, the danger is still large for the beleaguered Imperial forces. The warp-smiths and soulless sorcerers of Chaos have weakened the walls of reality. Reconnaissance reports from forward Imperial elements report strange shrine like constructions, many but not all of which appear to be centres of Chaos resistance and regrouping.

Embedded Faith and Steel journalists have provided disturbing evidence that appear to show that loyalists can expect daemonic activity as they attempt to eliminate remaining Chaos forces.

Disco dancing for Slaanesh: you know you want to!

Disco dancing for Slaanesh: you know you want to!

Zoot! Who stole my abdomen? I hadn't finished digesting that pizza yet.

Zoot! Who stole my abdomen? I hadn’t finished digesting that pizza yet.

Who's that?

Of course, it won’t just be daemons – their dark apostles, the Chaos Marines remain at large.

More disturbing yet are reports of Eldar craft entering orbit. Citizens are well advised to keep their Volkslasguns well charged.