Pyscho chicken: qu’est-ce que c’est?

I bought a Helldrake not long after they were released. Flyers were starting to be a thing and my Word Bearers were being routinely plastered from above.

But my heart wasn’t in it. It sat in the cupboard, still in its shrink-wrap, until January this year.  I thought, “This is long enough, I’m never going to build this thing” and took it to second-hand Sunday at Arcanacon 2015.

It didn’t sell, maybe people’s love affairs with flyers is waning but I took it as a sign from the dark gods and put it together. I got as far as a base coat before I went back to work and that was that. Now I had an undercoated Helldrake in the cupboard, which is a step backwards in some ways. Hard to store or sell and still not able to be used.

But I persevered and now I’m happy to unveil the Hellchicken in all its spiky glory.


The oracles are unclear if it will get as far as being used in my army. Well shall see.