Stuff I like II

How freakin’ cool!

About a month ago I made a post of stuff I like with links to two things.

Well, the issue two of The Golden D6 has landed. It is so cool it even has an interview with Andy Chambers. Get on board.

And, the comic I mentioned, Old England Grown New, well Warlord Games reckon it is pretty cool too. They’re right, of course, it is a ripper.



Stuff I like

I found this comic being published via blog. I know nothing about Olde England Grown New, except it is a tale of danger and derring do set in the English Civil War. The first episode can be found grouped together here and is worth the read.

Something else that not too far away is edition two of The Golden D6 I’m looking forward to this being published, it looks like a ripper.  Come on Adam, just because you have a day job, a family, …


Good golly, good gaming

There are some great hobby related sites about on the web. One of the things I love is that much of the best content can be found on people’s personal blogs and websites. We all have our favourites. Like many other bloggers, I keep links to some of my favourites on my home page (the list other gaming sites). Here is my current list, along with some comments. There are plenty of others – it is a pretty cool time to be a gamer.

Arkie Gamer tends to the historical, with beautiful minis and tables and often entertaining battle reports.

Azazel’s Bitz Box is a hobby machine, mostly fantasy and sci-fi

Dawn of the Lead is pretty eclectic, but always seems to have an interesting project on the go.

Flying Gorilla is not super active, but Costa a super talented sculpture, mostly for Eureka Miniatures and this blog gives a glimpse of his development process as well as some of his other projects.

Knights of Dice are a local (for me) company who are starting to do some pretty cool stuff with terrain. More active on FaceBook, but still worth keeping an eye on how ever you choose to do it.
(RubbishInRubbishOut is Viv’s YouTube channel, but I’m not sure what he’s doing with it at the moment.)

T’leroth’s easily distracted painting blog is by my friend Ian. Not so active recently – curse you work – but a fine painter.

Sprue Grey Toy Soldiers is the original Melbourne hobby blog. Claims to be the world’s slowest gamer, but I think a few of us could challenge him on for that title.

Adam from Sprue Grey is also the evil genius behind an online game magazine, The Golden D6. Issue one is out, and number two is expected soon. What I like about this magazine is Adam has done some of the hard work in finding the best of recent online bloggers and put them in a single place.