Fear the Big Bunny

A change of pace from Bolt Action. I found some samurai rabbits from Eureka Miniatures in a box. I mean, who doesn’t have some sword wielding rabbits in their cupboard?

One day I will get around to adding something to their banners. And, I found that while I was painting them I’m missing horns from some of their helmets. I have a dim memory of thinking, “Gee they’re small, I’ll but those here for safe keeping …”

Their most likely use would be to make up a war band for Osprey’s A Fist Full of Kung Fu. I have a Japanese princess that would work nicely as a sorcerer to lead some magical minions. That is yet another one of those games on the shelf that I will get around to playing one day. And when I do, I have a warband ready to go.

And, just like sword wielding rabbits, who doesn’t have a game (or three) on their shelf that they will get around to playing, one day.



Dwarves. Present Arms!

I took some time to take a few shots of my entire Games Workshop dwarf muster that is otherwise scattered across a years worth of blog; filed under the category of fantasy if you’re keen to chase more detail.

The army is themed around the War of the Beard, so no guns or cannons.
Old Skool, just the way our dwarf elders like it.


Close up of General, leading the Longbeards

I suspect they may find out that things really weren’t better in the old days. We shall see.



Longbeards with army standard




Bolt throwers, protected by a dwarf slayer (aka The White Dwarf)


Some cross-bows on the right (left?) flank


Dwarf Thane – possibly my favourite dwarf miniature

Now it’s off for a wee bevvy or three.

A dwarf never forgets

Twelve months ago today I posted some shots of a longbeard unit for fantasy dwarves.

Well, breakout the Bugman’s because I have finished the last of the warmachines that are intended to support this dwarfish war of the beard army, a pair of bolt throwers. Huzzah!

Not fabulous, but boy does it feel nice to have an actual army ready to go.

So Warhammer Fantasy isn’t a thing anymore. I figure that is just something else to write down in the little black book of grudges. And there are other rule sets about.

See you on the battle fields.

A Dwarf Never Forgets

Which is just as well, because this dwarf army is taking a long time to complete.

The first unit of warriors is finally ready to punch in some elf-face. It’s all about the beard.

The army is nearly complete now, apart from flocking the bases. The main part of the army is a big block of longbeards, supported by crossbows and this unit of warriors.  I also have some war machines in case the enemy don’t want to get up close quick enough: a catapault and two balista.

No cannon, no muskets. This is a war of the beard army, old school!

Photos are just using my phone with no editing, but dwarfs don’t hold with too much fancy stuff.


Is fantasy still a thing?

This war machine has been sitting partially finished for a long time. Then the stone thrower was done and the crew wasn’t. Well, today they are all done.



Dwarf working up a thirst. That’s going to end well


Boss. Just don’t mention there is a pig on his head


The brains of the outfit. Or brawn. Something like that


I liked how his back turned out. Skin is both challenging and fun

Next dwarfish steps are a big unit of warriors.


Zebra Cavalry, Lee Tanks and Imperial Rome

The wargames club I attended as a teen did WWII and not much else. Fair enough and good fun, but I never had enough terrain or tanks for decent battles at home.  What I were some boxes of Airfix plastics, a mix of WWII, black powder and ancients (both kinds: Romans and Britons!).  So my brother and I made do and lined up across the floor with a sort of colonial-fantasy hybrid where columns of muskets would try to keep out sword wielding hoards!  Rarely balanced, but throw in a wizard or two and things evened out. No cannons? Doesn’t matter, a fireball will sort out those pesky Commandos trying to sneak across the river!

I wish I had some photos: Lego towns, paper roads and a beloved Airfix Roman fort.
Hills were the classic books under a blanket.  We even tried our hands at conversions. I particularly remember soft plastic zoo animals pressed into service as cavalry mounts. I’m sure they were just a bit crap, but one day my Zebra riders took out a tank!
Wargamers live for moments like that.

Of course, rules that covered such diverse situations didn’t come straight out of the box. We used a home-brew of some WWII rules lifted from a magazine (Battle maybe?) and a little tome by one Gary Gygax, Swords and Spells:


It is basically what is says on the cover – it is the D&D combat rules expanded to deal with big armies.  Forty years on I have to say that they are just a bit shit!  I think we even knew that at the time. It didn’t allow for panzers for one thing.

They do contain some really interesting ideas though. You don’t roll dice to work out combat. It acknowledges that with that many dice you are basically averaging things anyway, so it just calculates what the average would be and then applies that.  Needless to say, we largely ignored that bit and got on with the much more satisfying task of rolling dice.

All of this is a long way of explaining why I’ve never played a game of Warhammer Fantasy. By the time Warhammer came out I was roleplaying and when I started gaming again my friends were into 40K.

Never say never though.

What about you? What rule sets did you begin your gaming journey with?