Let’s do that again!

Still on the dwarf gyrocopter. I’ve played with the lighting and framing of the shot a little. My earlier shots used direct sunlight which led to too much shadow. These photos are still lit using sunlight, but now diffused (by my shed door!) to avoid hard shadows.

While I’m happy with the backdrop it is too small for grand vistas. If I added more models the sides of the background would be visible, undermining the point somewhat. I think I knew this even as I was painting it, but it was the largest canvas I had on hand. Another project for the future, I guess.

The full dwarf army showcase is going to have to wait. After a brief search I remembered that they are in a box at my daughter’s house, so a reunion will have wait until after the current travel restrictions.


Fancy Photo

I tried out a back drop I painted to match my desert table. I think it works OK, and is better than just a random shelf in my shed as background. Here it is the dwarf gryocopter.

He is flying back to the hold for a full family shot. But that is going to take a while because the rest of the army is at my daughter’s house and with current travel restrictions I won’t be getting there any time soon.


Get to the choppa

Another random project from the cupboard, a dwarf gyrocopter. After painting 15mm recently, even the dwarf in 28mm felt large and was a fun change.

I might go back and add some colour to the pilot’s shirt, but I’m happy with the machine

I think this is the last of my unpainted dwarfs. Who knows, it may even see a battlefield one day!

A happy dwarf is an angry dwarf

Chronopia is long gone, but these minis have survived lurking at the back of my cupboard for at least 15 years. Now with added paint, I think they would look fine in a game of Warlords of Erewhon.

I love the feral take on the classic dwarf-look. I chose to use a very restricted colour palate and a lot of dry brushing to keep in with their rather rough looking appearance. These little dudes mean business.


Dwarves. Present Arms!

I took some time to take a few shots of my entire Games Workshop dwarf muster that is otherwise scattered across a years worth of blog; filed under the category of fantasy if you’re keen to chase more detail.

The army is themed around the War of the Beard, so no guns or cannons.
Old Skool, just the way our dwarf elders like it.


Close up of General, leading the Longbeards

I suspect they may find out that things really weren’t better in the old days. We shall see.



Longbeards with army standard




Bolt throwers, protected by a dwarf slayer (aka The White Dwarf)


Some cross-bows on the right (left?) flank


Dwarf Thane – possibly my favourite dwarf miniature

Now it’s off for a wee bevvy or three.

A dwarf never forgets

Twelve months ago today I posted some shots of a longbeard unit for fantasy dwarves.

Well, breakout the Bugman’s because I have finished the last of the warmachines that are intended to support this dwarfish war of the beard army, a pair of bolt throwers. Huzzah!

Not fabulous, but boy does it feel nice to have an actual army ready to go.

So Warhammer Fantasy isn’t a thing anymore. I figure that is just something else to write down in the little black book of grudges. And there are other rule sets about.

See you on the battle fields.

A Dwarf Never Forgets

Which is just as well, because this dwarf army is taking a long time to complete.

The first unit of warriors is finally ready to punch in some elf-face. It’s all about the beard.

The army is nearly complete now, apart from flocking the bases. The main part of the army is a big block of longbeards, supported by crossbows and this unit of warriors.  I also have some war machines in case the enemy don’t want to get up close quick enough: a catapault and two balista.

No cannon, no muskets. This is a war of the beard army, old school!

Photos are just using my phone with no editing, but dwarfs don’t hold with too much fancy stuff.


Is fantasy still a thing?

This war machine has been sitting partially finished for a long time. Then the stone thrower was done and the crew wasn’t. Well, today they are all done.



Dwarf working up a thirst. That’s going to end well


Boss. Just don’t mention there is a pig on his head


The brains of the outfit. Or brawn. Something like that


I liked how his back turned out. Skin is both challenging and fun

Next dwarfish steps are a big unit of warriors.


It’s hip to be square

I’ve had a bunch of dwarves undercoated for around three Warhammer army books. This is no great loss as I’ve never played a game of Warhammer Fantasy anyway. A longish story that-why I have a fantasy army but don’t play fantasy-but I going to leave that to another post. Today is about painting.

In some of the time I saved by not playing fantasy, I started painting the dwarves.
Here is the first unit, some longbeards close to finished but before basing:


I love the guy in the middle: who needs a shield, I’ll deal with you when I finish my beer!

The gossip of longbeards being all grumpy appears a tad malicious to me. These blokes look like a bunch of fun lovin’ hipsters with big beards and craft beer to go.
The gamers of the Old World.

There are a couple of heroes to go with them.


This is an ace little model and his weird glowing eyes don’t look as bad full-scale, because the dude is so small

As you may guess, I don’t know much about what they do but I guess they stand around and hit stuff that comes near!

And here is the White Dwarf himself. I plan to use him as a slayer, hence the red hair.


I’m working on a standard too, but this isn’t quite finished yet. I want it to have a bit of height to help make the unit a centre piece for the army.


Next will be a crossbow unit so I will be able to split the large longbeard unit into two (proxy) warrior units and be ready for a really small game. No, White Dwarf-Dude, that is not meant to be funny. Please put the axe down, you’ll do someone a mischief!
How about a nice Mountain Goat beer?