Support Choices

Work on my Budapest Pocket Defenders continues. These support choices complete the initial models I intend for this Bolt Action list. My plan is to base them all at once in a vague effort to tie the otherwise disparate group together.

First is a medium mortar from Artizan.

I think the spotter is from Warlord Games. He tells me his name is Harry.

Medium machine guns have a mixed reputation in Bolt Action. I nearly always include one in a German list, it just seems right even if they can be a bit fragile in the game. (You can thank me later for not saying they’re hit and miss.) This one is by Warlord Games.

A sniper team, painted as Hungarians but made from Warlord Games plastic Germans. I don’t know why the spotter has a book.

I also painted a pair of forward observers from Warlord Games. I’m not sure if they will get much use, but at least they are not bare metal in a box, which is a win all of its own.

Not far off from a full family portrait. Yay! I’m pleased with how quickly this little project came together. And just in time as the opportunity for actual gaming returns. In a suitably social distanced way, of course.

Maybe I’ll see you over a battlefield sometime soon.


Heer we go

More troops off to Festung Budapest as part of my Budapest Pocket Defenders project. Apparently it can get cold there, so it is just as well this squad have great coats. They are German grenadiers from Black Tree Design. I painted them more or less simultaneously with the Pioneers I posted last week.

Plus some officers.

See you on the battlefield.


Next unit for my Budapest pocket project, a unit of German Pioneers. This will be a veteran squad, most likely ready to dig in on an objective. In Bolt Action, veterans are hard to shift, and the squad based flame thrower will add a bit of a challenge for enemy units who get too close.

The miniatures are from Black Tree Designs. I took a bit of time with their faces and insignia. I think they came out OK. The basing will wait, I am going to do the whole army at once. Now onto some Heer Grenadiers. The force is very eclectic, both matching the theme of the desperate -and doomed- defense of Budapest. It is also being achieved by not buying anything new, all the models so far have come from the existing backlog.


Into the Woods

It is very rare that a project is ever actually finished, but this little group of figures from Black Tree Designs is pretty close. I’m calling it done, as I’m unlikely to add to this particular group, a band of brave members of a home army somewhere in occupied Europe.


An ambush about to be unleashed

From their dress and weapons they seem to be based on Soviet or some other eastern European partisans. I like the character of BTD miniatures. No Hollywood poster-boys, but ordinary, I-don’t-have-a-dental plan people doing their best.


As civilians I tried to avoid too much uniformity


The poses are varied and dynamic – I don’t think any repeat


SMG get stuck in

I experimented with eyes, something I don’t always do. Some more practice is required, but I guess we all start somewhere.

In addition to LMG for the squads, I also have some sniper teams as support.


And, by way of some veterans, I have an escaped tank crew. Not sure what these GI are doing so far east. Perhaps they got lost on a drunken binge and didn’t know where to stop. I’m sure there is a comic with a plot like that.


I don’t ever see myself fielding a partisan force in a conventional Bolt Action game. To make them into a competitive force I would need to add quite a bit of material that partisans only rarely had access to. Moreover few pitched battles were ever fought (outside Yugoslavia, perhaps). I know about Warsaw. Awe inspiring and aweful but not a modelling project for me.

I do think that partisans will be great for smaller games, especially with a dedicated scenario: a demolition gone wrong, a hideout being attacked or an ambush.

Deep in the forest, tanks, artillery and planes are rare, but I think playing some games where an LMG is the heaviest weapon the table might be interesting.


Bring three and four pence

I’m on a roll here, three posts in a row on Bolt Action.

Today, some more soldiers from Black Tree Design that will bring up my force to around 950 points (assuming I keep the regular theme going).  I was very impressed with how basic squads of Germans with LMG perform, so I’m happy to have two or three more of these available.
They are all shiny from the (GW) hard coat varnish. I’ve found that metal figures without varnish is just asking for chipping. I kind of like the old school glossy finish too. At least that is what I tell myself.

My first impressions of the BTD guys was a little underwhelming, but having painted a platoon of 30 and seen them mixed in with my earlier Crusader models they have grown on me. I like it that they are not all straight out of Hollywood. Their raw-metal faces that looked a bit misshapen take on a lot of character with paint on them.

Next will be to add a spotter for the mortar and a sniper team.  I think I’ll also add a medic, as I didn’t see anyone with one and I like the idea of given a squad or two what amounts to feel no pain.  That has to be handy.


Heer we go, Heer we go, Heer we go

So while I’ve been playing a bit of 40K, I have been getting some vicarious Bolt Action in via two pod casts. The rather blokey LRDG is one of three blogs based at and is made right here in Melbourne. I have also been listening to Home Guard Radio, coming out of Edinburgh. HGR are up to episode 3 now and one of the things I like is that while the members are veteran gamers, I think they are relatively new to Bolt Action, so the pod cast is dealing with list building, learning the rules and smaller points games (for the moment).

And while you’re listening to podcasts, what better thing to do than paint?

Careful students will already know about the Stug III waiting in the depot, to which I now have added another infantry squad plus some support weapons.

The miniatures are black tree designs. They are not my favourite models but with a 50% off sale the price was right. All the Germans are metal so far, which gives the army a nice “heft”.  I think it comes to about 750 points, so time to find somebody to play …