A project with the working title, “I don’t remember buying these, I wonder if I have enough in the cupboard to make a wee army”. I’ll think of a snappier title later. Anyway, a random squad of Hungarians have moved to the painted pile (bases pending).

I haven’t done very detailed faces, but I’m quite happy with how this squad turned out.

The squad includes panzerfausts, so I’m guessing late war. A brief search found some Germans from Black Tree Design and some support weapons (more Warlord). There is a fun looking list in the Fortress Budapest book, a mixed Hungarian-German Budapest Pocket Defenders. I think I will be able to come close to creating a small army for this list. Maybe I will buy a tank to match, although I my Wirblewind will fit the theme nicely.

See you on the streets.

Put it in the truck (2)

Completing a larger project is a good feeling. Between summer holidays and Covid-19 I was able to paint a fair size force of Chinese for Bolt Action Korea. It’s yet to cross the Yalu River, but that will happen, I’m sure.

I have also been finding satisfaction by completing random pieces. My painting is often focused on preparing for a particular game or event. While a deadline can be useful motivation, it can also lead to painting feeling like a bit of a chore. With (in-person) gaming currently off the agenda, I have been having great fun opening old cupboards and digging out long-neglected and even forgotten models. My recent posts have reflected this, Hot Wheels cars for Gaslands, 15mm trucks, and 1:72 tanks. All good fun.

Today is a Humvee. It is resin. I don’t remember where or when I bought it, or the manufacturer. But it now has paint and is ready use in modern games like Zona Alpha.

See you in the zone, Druz’ya