old school car wars

I’ve been on the road a lot so far this year, which has meant that not a lot of hobby has occurred. So, it may be ironic that the family broke out this re-boot of the classic Steve Jackson Car Wars.

Car Wars holds up really well for a game that is now around 40 years old. I think this is the second edition, which got a re-release around the time of the 6th edition kickstarter.

It is a nicely presented set, with punch-out, card playing pieces and pretty clean copies of the rules and other tables.

Playing straight from the box, we did a classic duel on the open road. I like arena games better, with more the higher potential for silliness, but the road version delivered plenty of laughs (and carnage).

I still prefer Gaslands for my rev-head needs, but Car Wars is a nice pocket sized alternative. And it was a fun drive down memory lane.


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