Engagement with the hobby goes back and forwards just like the war waged across the Libyan plain. What better way to get back into painting than a few 15mm tanks as the start of an Afrika Korps force?

They are mostly Plastic Soldier Company. Assembled and, with the help of a rattle-can, base coated many years ago.

A Panzer III troop
Panzer IV, including one up-gunned to the longer barrel thingy and a Zvezda model with a different base coat lurking the background
Resin field cars from Battlefront Miniatures

Like many hobbyists, I like to have opposing forces. I still might do an Italian force, but for now I’m a step closer to having the start of a DAK force that matches my desert themed Australians.

Everything to date

I have no idea when this DAK force will get finished or what I will ultimately add, but that doesn’t matter. These are done and that makes me happy for now.

11 thoughts on “dakked!

  1. Great work. Agree with doing both sides. If you use Flames of War I have a pile of books you can have. Just let me know.
    BTW, although my German is very rusty I didn’t think “etwas lΓ€ngeres Fass” was a military term, but you live and learn!

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    • It is a fairly loose translation, I agree; It’s more of the vibe.

      Very generous on the book offer. I have have a set of second ed books that cover my interests. (Old) Wargamers are hard to please aren’t we?


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