where should I put it

I realised that I need a tow for the Pak 38. Otherwise it will never get to come onto the board in a lot of missions! In the cupboard was this nifty Kettenkrad from Rubicon. Problem solved.

I don’t think they are in the K-47 rule book, but in Bolt Action it is up to towing a medium anti-tank gun, so I’m including the option in my home brew Turkish list.

I really enjoyed assembling this little vehicle. It went together easily, despite some of the parts being tiny.

There are decals, but I can’t see them without a magnifying glass, so I’m not going there.

This kit includes a Goliath on a trailer. Very cool, even if there are no immediate plans to blow anything up with it.

The fez wearing passenger isn’t glued on, so with a simple swap I will be able to use it for German lists in Bolt Action too.

With a large Turkish force, I’m wondering if I need some Soviets now …

9 thoughts on “where should I put it

    • That Syrian campaign beckons. Or maybe 1941 Iraq. I’ve also been thinking about a King’s African Rifles in Burma, and Chosin Reservoir. Marines in winter gear, that sounds like an interesting modelling opportunity. Argh! So many ideas

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