More Mehmets

The backbone of any army are its infantry squads. I have been plugging away on another squad for my Turkish army for Konflikt 47. These Mehmetçik have a mix of uniforms including some camouflage capes to reflect the stretched nature of Turkish forces in this alternate-history.

Their headgear is a mix of German helmets, cloth caps and fezzes. I’m quite pleased with how they have come up. I have used plastic grenadier models from Warlord Games with a sprinkling of British packs to shift the look. The fezzes are the WG Handschar heads with eagles shaved off.

The NCO has a Soviet PPSh-41, suggesting he is a seasoned squad leader.

These fellows have been sitting on my painting desk since before Christmas. I had convinced myself that I was too busy to paint, but I think the dull reality is I felt a bit daunted by the camouflage scheme. Which is silly, because this is totally my choice. The list isn’t even historic. We are our own enemies at times.

After all that, I’m pleased with the general effect I have achieved.

Of course, I have included a squad based MG. I’m not sure why the dude is wielding a stick-grenade, but he has a pretty determined look on his face so I’m not about to argue with him.

Mehmetçik translates as Little Mehmet. It has a similar place to Tommy as a term used with some affection to refer to soldiers in the Ottoman army during the First World War and into the independence period.

Next up will be some support squads and some officers. You can tell the officers from the fancy fez they wear.

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