fallschirmjäger follies

I picked up the latest Bolt Action campaign supplement: Italy- Soft Underbelly. It covers from the liberation of Sicily to the allied landings at Salerno and the winter line. I think the forgotten war moniker doesn’t really apply to gamers for the Italian theater and it is ace to see this part of the war getting attention. That the focus is relatively narrow suggests at least two more supplements: Monte Cassino and a late war, Gothic War one. I hope so. There is lots to explore and showcase yet.

The book is a bit of mixed bag. It has a good range of scenarios, which helps me think about new ways to play as well as throw little spotlights on the history. Some of the unit entries feels a repetitive to me, but do help to round out the history. A highlight for me is an opportunity to field a complete Fallschirmjäger force.

Adding the option of taking stubborn to support units, as well as squads, captures the tenacity that seems to be a frequent feature of paratrooper stories.

I have quite a lot of a small force already, so it is tempting to add some more squads and maybe a StuG III (or even StuH IV) and a Pak 40 and make a complete Fallschirmjäger force.

But not before I finish my Konflikt ’47 Turks.

7 thoughts on “fallschirmjäger follies

  1. Nice to see a new letterhead photo. The Paras have come up really well. The camo is superb. I have a whole lot of my own to do for Operation Sea Lion but probably will not happen until about this time next year. I hope mine turn out as good as these.
    Have a great New Year.
    David from the David mutual admiration society!

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