tanks sighted

Actually, just one tank, a Panzer IV. One of the neat things about Konflikt 47 is that many of the weird variants of the historic vehicles is the base Bolt Action kit with added (mostly resin) parts. By keeping the rift-tech to the turret, you get two distinct builds in the same box.

I cut away part of the Schürzen to simulate battle damage. Off topic question. German nouns are often capitalised. Does this hold over when you use them in an English sentence? So, is it Schürzen or schürzen? Not that it matters much.

The transfers are modern Turkish airforce markings, but there is no mistaking the flag so I think they do the job nicely.


11 thoughts on “tanks sighted

  1. Neat tank. 🙂

    That is an interesting question you bring up about German nouns, and it was one that I had to think about myself with a story that had some German phrases in it for a book that I’m editing. Originally, the writer followed English rules, so: “Krieg ist krieg und schnapps ist schnapps.”

    As it happened, one of the other writers I’ve been working with lives in Germany, and after talking to her, I decided to go with capitalizing them.

    So we ended up with, ““Krieg ist Krieg und Schnapps ist Schnapps.”

    Personally, I think capitalizing the nounds looks better and gives some of the flavor of German.

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  2. They look excellent, Dave! 🙂 I really like the combination of dark green vehicle with the red and white markings! Interesting point about German nouns – on those rare occasions where I might need to make such references, I usually translate the term, so I’d have used “side skirts”. Where the noun might refer to a vehicle type or designation I’d probably use the expression by which it’s most commonly recognised e.g. Jagdpanther. But that’s just me!

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    • thanks John; the red is a nice point of interest in the sea of brown and green. Nice observation on the German. I tend to agree, translate except where usage suggests otherwise. In this case, the German word is used in the rule set, so I followed them.

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