movement reported

OSS Report 1947-9996C/4 to Allied Joint Command Mediterranean. Classified assets on the ground in Eastern Anatolia have captured images of what appear to be German rift-tech enabled units. This is a concerning development since it is understood that the German expeditionary force is operating further North, much nearer the Black Sea coastal plain. This leads our analysts to conclude that Germany has made rift technology available to the Turkish Republic.

This appears to be a Spinne Light Panzermech, light walker. Relatively fast and with moderate to long operating range it is often used in a reconnaissance role. It is usually armed with a turret-mounted light anti-tank gun and co-axial light autocannon.

Also seen was a Schwerefeld Projektor mounted on a Panzer IV chassis, designated as a Panzer IV-X by German forces, they are a potent rift-tech weapon designed especially to counter heavy armour.

A wee WIP update, with the there-is-a-lot-left-to-do models disguised with a black and white filter. In addition to painting, I have finally got around to reviewing the crazy mix of armour that Turkey had in 1945 and thinking about how to bring it into K-47. This mostly consists of finding the right entries in the Bolt Action armies of books.


8 thoughts on “movement reported

  1. Coming along nicely! 🙂 I suppose you could stick the odd Allied or Russian vehicles in as the Allies courted Turkish involvement in the war (I know Turkey used T-26s pre-war). Or the Germans could have passed them some captured French SOMUA S35s or Renault R35s in your timeline? Probably quite a few things you could do! I love this project (sorry, projekt)! 🙂

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  2. Like the lads have said Dave, its certainly an interesting project, when I was a kid I loved changing t things around on my model tanks and even on aircraft, I certainly ended up with some odd creations! Ha HA ! I’m looking forward to more of yours.

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