Aussie Home Guard

This is another of those projects where the minis have come first. These Australian Home Guard are a recent release from Eureka Miniatures, so new I’m not sure they’re even listed yet. They join a growing number of civilian/partisan style figures I have. A project will present itself no doubt. In the mean time check some of the lovely, characterful sculpts by the very talented Kosta Heristanidis.

Squad of armed civilians with red arm bands
Civilian in shirt sleeves with a red arm band, holding a bolt action rifle
I used different coloured arm-bands to keep the squads distinct
Probably my favourite unit: beer bottle molotovs! Good on ya!
A Vickers MMG as their support option.

Having put all the models together for the first time, I think I’ve made too many of the suits blue. Maybe there was a Peter Jackson sale on. Anyway, I think they have come up OK. They certainly look ready to give any assigned task a red hot go, and you can’t ask more than that from any Home Guard force.


14 thoughts on “Aussie Home Guard

  1. Hi Dave Eureka have a book called “Right Bloody Mess” (also can get elsewhere) which is about a “War between the States” in the early 1930’s. The book is part history, part scenario based alternative history. The alternative history was not far from the truth. The book has lots of detail for army lists and equipment available and what might have been. The book is self published and has been poorly proof read (I can talk!!) but well worth getting. I enjoyed it but as I have started painting my VBCW, with cricketeers completed and Dad’s army in the pipeline, I will give this one a miss, but very intersting neverthless. See also Eureka’s Crutchey Push Gang and their PNG, and Australians. I have bought some of the PNG and Australians as my Grandfather was posted to the Torres staight Islands and formed and trained a platoon of Horn Island locals to defend the air base there.

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