Will the real dave please stand up?

There is a new kid on the blogging block: Soul Marmalade. Another project from me, and is intended to create an online presence for a hobby that is mostly not-online. Soul Marmalade has no paint brushes. It is dedicated to words and my efforts as a poet! This is probably the last time I will mention it here at Faith and Steel, which is dedicated to gaming and miniatures.

But, I’m a wee bit excited because I have just released my first book of poems, published by the Melbourne Poets Union as part of their Red Bellied Poets series.

this is a proof copy; the actual books are like this but even more beautiful

You can get copies by emailing mpu editor-in-chief: tinagiannoukos AT gmail.com
or contact me because I still have some author copies.

Normal services will now resume.

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