A project with the working title, “I don’t remember buying these, I wonder if I have enough in the cupboard to make a wee army”. I’ll think of a snappier title later. Anyway, a random squad of Hungarians have moved to the painted pile (bases pending).

I haven’t done very detailed faces, but I’m quite happy with how this squad turned out.

The squad includes panzerfausts, so I’m guessing late war. A brief search found some Germans from Black Tree Design and some support weapons (more Warlord). There is a fun looking list in the Fortress Budapest book, a mixed Hungarian-German Budapest Pocket Defenders. I think I will be able to come close to creating a small army for this list. Maybe I will buy a tank to match, although I my Wirblewind will fit the theme nicely.

See you on the streets.

4 thoughts on “Hungarians

  1. Brilliant! 🙂 Go for it, Dave! I originally did Hungarians in the late 1970s (I know, I’m ancient!) by painting Airfix Germans khaki and scratchbuilding Turan tanks from card (had to make drawings for the models working from photographs)! I’ve got some metal figures and resin/metal tanks in 20mm stashed in the cupboard waiting to be painted, but it’s never happened unfortunately. A quick win for tanks for the Hungarians would be a StuG III Ausf G painted in plain dark yellow, but I’m pretty sure you can get 3-D printed Hungarian tanks from Shapeways if you want a treat (they’re not cheap)!

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