Time for a big stonk

Apparently a stonk is a thing, and the way to get one delivered is to get your supporting artillery regiment on the telephone or radio. Before Montgomery made artillery essential to his battle plans, the Royal Artillery Regiment were honing their craft as part of the Western Desert Force. This battery of 8 guns from a field regiment will support my desert campaign Australians.

Field regiments were armed with 25 pounder guns, introduced early in the war and so successful they were used for many years after all around the world. I have included some some Italian guns. This is a nod to the bush artillery, a unit made up of support troops during the Tobruk siege in 1940-41 who used captured Italian guns. I suspect they provided more moral than actual support, given the highly technical game of arty, but it is a wonderful image and a terrific insight into the courage and tenacity of the garrison.

The RA regiments supporting the Australian divisions in North Africa were mostly British formations, pointing to the international nature of Western Desert Force (and later, the 8th Army). Australian artillery were mostly deployed for home defense and later in the Pacific.

It is a lot of models: 8 guns, with HQ, staff, FO and enough trucks and universal carriers to transport them all. This battery will make up a large part of any force they are included in, but they will also throw out a lot of firepower. Fun fact: the artillery were the largest component part of the British Army.

See you in the Bardia for lunch!

10 thoughts on “Time for a big stonk

  1. Lovely stuff and a great read – I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end if that lot, I’d take a right ‘Stonking!’
    What a great word, ‘Stonking’, I thought it was just us Black Country and Brummie types that used it!

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  2. Great to see all those guns, Dave! Back in the early ’80s the Territorial Army battery I was in was equipped with 5.5 inch guns, but retained a couple of 25 pounders for smaller training exercises – I seem to remember them being quite popular, since they were a damn sight easier to handle than the 5.5 inch gun was!

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  3. Beautiful work on these 25 pounders and transport Dave! Bring me back to my short training on arty (US 105mm howitzers) as a cadet. Capturing and reusing guns and even tanks was common in the desert. But even the US artillery reused captured 88’s in an indirect fire role. Nice post, thanks for sharing such great work!

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