Bloggers are people too

Covid-19 has sent so much of our lives online, work and social. As bloggers, we were already there, of course. Yeah, online communities, we did that before it was cool, sorry, I meant necessary!

One of the fun things about keeping a blog is the interactions with other bloggers via comments on each other’s blogs. Often this leads to new ideas or new blogs to read. Rinse and repeat.

Like many, I have been spending a lot of time in Zoom and Teams and similar online tools. As a way to keep up with family and friends it has been very useful. Not as good as in person, but way better than not talking. I have also discovered it has been a good way of meeting new people. I now spend Sunday mornings playing ukulele with what is Saturday night for a bunch of people in Ireland and the UK (and afternoon for some players in North America). I did not see that coming three months ago, and has been one of the good things to have happened recently.

So. Why not mash these two things together? On Saturday morning, 8th August my time (east coast of Australia) I’m going to run a Zoom meeting and invite you, my fellow bloggers, to join in. BYO beverage. No agenda, just a chat.

Time zones are not kind to us. 9am Saturday 8th August Melbourne time is 7pm Friday in New York (and midnight Friday in London). Proof enough that the world isn’t flat, even if the web can bring us a little closer together.

A zoom link is here The meeting ID is 864 4152 7751. There is no password, but there will be a waiting room.

Say hi in the comments if you want to join us.

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