Put it in the truck (2)

Completing a larger project is a good feeling. Between summer holidays and Covid-19 I was able to paint a fair size force of Chinese for Bolt Action Korea. It’s yet to cross the Yalu River, but that will happen, I’m sure.

I have also been finding satisfaction by completing random pieces. My painting is often focused on preparing for a particular game or event. While a deadline can be useful motivation, it can also lead to painting feeling like a bit of a chore. With (in-person) gaming currently off the agenda, I have been having great fun opening old cupboards and digging out long-neglected and even forgotten models. My recent posts have reflected this, Hot Wheels cars for Gaslands, 15mm trucks, and 1:72 tanks. All good fun.

Today is a Humvee. It is resin. I don’t remember where or when I bought it, or the manufacturer. But it now has paint and is ready use in modern games like Zona Alpha.

See you in the zone, Druz’ya

13 thoughts on “Put it in the truck (2)

      • In the US Army there was a specific licensing process for each piece of equipment with a motor – for us then that went from HMMWV to bulldozers to even generators and chain saws. It was a pain in the ass, and as an officer there was pressure not to get licensed as your job was ostensibly to lead and supervise and not to operate. Somewhat silly I think. Still, I knew how to operate my stuff as I needed to supervise it’s being properly used and maintained. I just abhorred the licensing process and never got licensed on anything. That doesn’t mean I did not operate mind you, just did so clandestinely or in emergencies. For example for the HMMWV, my driver (I was assigned one at each position I held), I did have to drive it in Arizona on a convoy. We had been working over 24 hours straight before the convoy started and we had to redeploy in two separate lifts as we had more to carry than we had vehicles. On the second lift, around 2 or 3 AM, I noticed my driver falling asleep on the highway and drifting – and mind you I was the lead vehicle in the convoy so all the others saw it and were on the radio net too. So I stopped the convoy, took over the wheel, and off we went.

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