Wombles of Chernobyl Common

These have been in the lead mountain for a long time. I always thought they might end up fighting zombies, and while I don’t rule that out, it seems a radioactive wasteland is calling out to be explored. Zona Alfa is the latest in the Osprey blue series of wargames rules. A small confession, all I know about it is from this interview with the writer on the Cast Dice podcast and that my copy of the rules is due to arrive tomorrow. There is no downside here, since even if the rules turn out not to be my jam at least these long unpainted minis now have paint. Huzzah!



The miniatures are from Eureka Miniatures, 1980s Soviets in NBC suits, loaded withΒ  character and are pretty much complete with a squirt from a rattle can and a wash.

See you in the Zone.

18 thoughts on “Wombles of Chernobyl Common

  1. Nice mini’s. I have say, when I saw these I instantly was transported back to the ’80’s and that chemical, rubber and b.o. smell that once experienced always has a little home in the wastelands of one’s subconscious.

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      • Haha. Alas, the reality of it is less Pulp Fiction sadly and more pedestrian. When I was in the Army back in the early 80’s we did a lot of chemical, etc. warfare training and I got a chance (more like was told, “Put the damn thing on!”) one of those NBC suits under the theory that it was good training to have some experience wearing our great rival’s gear and using their equipment.

        Unfortunately about twenty other people wore the outfit before I did, so it wasn’t the most pleasant half hour I spent marching around in the central Texas summer. πŸ™‚

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      • Heh, yeah, I remember finding the whole thing kind of gross at the time, but it is kind of funny to look back upon. I remember at the time wishing my years in the Army would just be over so I could get my VEAP money and go off to college, but years later I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. The people I met and experiences I had, I could have had nowhere else.

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  2. As I said, these bring me back. We expected the Soviets to try to drown us in persistent VX. I hated our MOPP suits but knew we needed to be ready. These work well for your project, and the painting is your usual high quality Pete.

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  3. Nice painting work. The isolation suit approach seems oddly timely.

    I’ll be very interested to read how you get on with Zona Alfa. I’m a big fan of the post-apocalyptic setting for computer games but have never really found a satisfactory wargame to scratch that itch.

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    • It is quite a coincidence that I thought of painting these after several years in the lead mountain πŸ˜‰
      My first impression of Zona Alfa is a bit underwhelming, to be honest. I do need to give them a proper read though.


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