An anti-tank asset

A wee fudge, the Chinese did have Soviet produced anti-tank guns but this one comes with some uniforms too. It is a Soviet a/t from the very useful little kit from Plastic Soldier Company (in 28mm). I will be use using it as a support choice for my CCV in Bolt Action Korea.

It went together easily, and being all plastic means no super-glued fingers which is a modest bonus. I’m very much enjoying this project, it is coming along nicely.


5 thoughts on “An anti-tank asset

    • Ta. I suspect that the crew is a little crowded for Bolt Action, most templates will be able to hit all three, but this is a bit situational and I’m not a fan of modelling to take advantage of the rules! The mix of basing materials has helped bring a bit of contrast to the otherwise narrow colour palette and helps make the models pop a little.

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