The Chinese start to arrive

I’m up to basing the first of my Chinese Volunteer force for Bolt Action Korea. I think they look OK, certainly en masse they will do the job.


Not long now and I’ll be able to cross the Yalu and help my KPA comrades liberate the south.


13 thoughts on “The Chinese start to arrive

      • They seem quite functional for the tabletop and would work on a variety of terrains without looking out of place.

        I remember playing a game of Bolt Action at a convention a few years ago where the organizer had a beautiful table with lots of grass, trees, a river, etc. but the Soviet guys were all on winter bases.

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      • Indeed! While I’m impressed and favor the mighty forces of Rommel and Montgomery, say, it loses a little something seeing them play out their drama on a Stalingrad board. ๐Ÿ™‚

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