More little plastic soldiers

I could be painting so many different things. Bolt Action US (Korea or WW2), Partisans, Soviets, or even some Hungarians. The reboot of Gaslands has drawn my eye back to modding toy cars. Silly but good fun. A new cast or two for 7TV is in the cupboard – an all female group of post-apocalypse type survivors. So many ideas and projects. K47 too.

I could even progress the 1:72 US to complement the Germans I finished recently.

I suspect your hobby-space looks the same.

So, of course, I’ve started a new project.

On a whim I picked up a box of Almoravids from Hat miniatures. So far I’ve done the archers and made a start on the spear-armed warriors.


This scale is fun and pretty quick to paint, which is good because I’ve got a bunch to do yet!

I can feel an experiment in something even smaller in the future, a chance to distance realism even more and just chase an impression of the relevant units on the table. Maybe not 2mm. Looking at those one day in a shop made my head swim, but there are some pretty cools scuplts available in 10mm and even 6mm. Another project, why not?

7 thoughts on “More little plastic soldiers

  1. I like them! Heard of Almoravids but never really seen any. I like the quilted armour! Good thing with most 1:72 plastics is that you can usually build armies and their enemies! I’m hopeless gaming with any armies that combine close combat infantry with bow/gun troops and cavalry, but they look good and are always fun to try out!

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    • I came across the Almoravid in a documentary on Muslim Spain and bought the box on a whim when I saw them on the shelf. I’m on the look out for suitable foes now. I’m aiming for two small armies, suitable for games like Lion Rampart.

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  2. Hi Dave
    Too many project and not enough time. The bane of us gamers. I have lots of 1/72 WW1 and ACW and they allow you to have large scale armies of both sides. What is 7TV like to play. i have often looked at whilst on the “Crooked dice” website and have been tempted. We are playing lots of our version of Barman – the 1966 TV version with Zap, Powie and Wham cards so I am guessing that 7TV would fit our style of gaming. We will have to catch up soon.

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