Paint All The Minis

I’m on another podcast!

Paint All The Minis is the brain child of Dan Adams, who each week has a chat with someone about gaming. This episode Dan and I speak about K-47, but with more than 100 shows recorded, if that’s not your thing there is sure to be one that is.


What other gaming related post casts are people listening to?

6 thoughts on “Paint All The Minis

  1. I’m a painter not a gamer but thought I’d have a listen while I was painting (a bit of multi-tasking) but thought I’d clicked the wrong link with the initial talk on chickens! Have to say as much as I didn’t understand a lot of it I did enjoy it, not least of all the enthusiasm for the hobby. May well check out some of the other podcasts too. Strange hearing you speak but not as weird as listening and seeing IRO. 😉

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  2. Sometimes I listen to Tabletop Minions or Kirinoth, mostly as background noise while I paint. Not a lot of others I can think of that I listen to. I’ll watch Leakycheese’s reviews on occasion, but that’s a different thing/purpose.
    TM is more focused on general hobby and painting than rules and gaming, and his gaming-focused stuff is quite generalised as well, more about attitude and not being a dick, etc.

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