Gaslands, it’s still cool

A few months ago I wrote about how much I liked Gaslands from Osprey Publishing, a game of vehicular mayhem set in a bleak far future. Since then it has been one of the games I have played most frequently, but always with just two players. Well that changed last week, with a chance to play my first multi-player game. Dial up the carnage to FUN.

Here are some photos from the night. There were some great cars on show. I’ve tried to credit where I can, but apologies if I’ve got any wrong.

The game did slow down a bit, but I think much of that was that for many of us it was their first game. Drew took honours on points, as we didn’t manage a complete lap before the store closed, but was clearly ahead with two cars left running. The rest of us were in flames, few hull points or pointing the wrong way from failed flip checks. Great stuff. We’re assembling again next week to do it again.

Time to hit the garage and make sure my cars are running sweet for Wednesday night.

Brrm, brrm.

8 thoughts on “Gaslands, it’s still cool

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for inspiring me. This was a set of rules that I purchased some time ago and continually pick it up to read and say “I must try this”, but never get around to it (so many great systems and so little time). Gret cars and terrain. What scale cars?

      Must get to a WATT game soon too!

      Look out Grandsons I’m a “comin” to raid your toy box!!

      P.I.G.S Dave.

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      • The cars are matchbox or hotwheels type things, so scale is more of a vibe. Lots of stuff from 40K all the way to15mm seems to work. Put those bitz boxes to work. 1/72 type figures seem OK, with 28mm mostly too big.
        Was feeling the same WATT call; we shall have to see what we can do.


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