PAKing heat

Anti-tank guns were deployed far more frequently on the battlefields of the second world war than you sometimes see on the battlefields of Bolt Action. I’ve got no data to back this claim up, but I suspect that the changes to HE in version 2 may the mix move back to a more historic mix. Again, no data. Anyway, I’ve decided to do my bit by finally assembling and painting a PAK-40 I picked up many months ago from Black Tree Design in one of their frequent sales.

I didn’t enjoy putting this model together – usually the lack of assembly instructions for BTD models is not a major hurdle, but I suspect that I’m not alone in muttering as I build some arty.Anyway, Google was an ally and I ended up without too many pieces left over and the model undercoated.32717942200_9ebb1562c0_k

I got as far as a base coat (with a can of german looking yellow I found in the shed), and lost interest again for a while. I considered leaving it at this stage.
32944026252_d6e3bbfbd6_kNor were the crew in a good state:33058483646_fd3102adf4_k

They even had a Dwarf along for advice. My hobby mojo was missing. I was saved by my nephew. He showed me some of the Germans he was painting. And they were good. I got inspired, and picked up a brush again.

Not my best work, but table ready. Phew.

Now, back to the lead mountain.


6 thoughts on “PAKing heat

  1. Yes, they look good and I agree that a heavy gun like that should make someone stand up and take notice, especially if they have tanks. Good think they have that gun shield to hide behind.

    I remember playing a game of Bolt Action at a convention a few years ago. I was on the Russian side trying to cross a river and attack a bunch of dug in Waffen SS. Had a nice duel against a gun that looked a lot like yours until my tank finally died in the middle of the river. Lost that game literally by my tank not being able to move three more inches. Lots of fun! 🙂

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    • It is rare to see an army without a tank or two in Bolt Action, so some good AT is handy. I’ve been fielding a panzershrek (bazooka equivalent), but the short range seems to limit its impact. Sounds like a good game- quite iconic in my mind: Germans defending a Soviet river assault. Cheers.

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      • It was a lot of fun and the guy made a very nice board for it too; wish I had some pictures but this was quite awhile ago. We played in two teams of two each. I was in charge of a T-34 and another tank that was really slow but had a lot of machine guns, as well as some outflanking scouts, which ended up being great fun. My partner was in charge of the rest of our forces, which was a bunch of infantry.

        Yes, Bolt Action is a fun game. It seems to me to play something like a war movie rather than a strict simulation, but to me that is a point in its favor. 🙂

        Yes, the Germans had a bunch of panzerfauts, which with the short ranged massed fire is what ended up stopping me in the river when my infantry support all ran away!

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      • Everything can count in numbers.
        I agree with the war movie observation, which does bring some benefits to the game even as it causes raised eyebrows among the more historically knowledgeable.

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