Old School Space Marines

Space Marines are celebrating 30 years this week-end. Blimey!

To mark the occasion I dug into the Faith and Steel vaults for the oldest space marines I could find. My own date from the starter set with the Black Templars on the box and dark eldar on in inside, plus a few of the (now out of production) metal figures from the time.

These are fine miniatures but I came across a box of something older. I have on long-term loan from a friend some seriously old marines. A mix of plastic and metal, I would love to hear from anyone who can identify them, because all I know is that they are OLD!

Of course, marines never really retire and these veterans still get the occasional run in Apocalypse games.

What’s hiding in your cupboard?


6 thoughts on “Old School Space Marines

  1. Wow, those are some old Space Marines! It looks like the 2 with studded shoulder pads are the original plastic multipose ones. The chap with the chainsword could be the sergeant from the original plastic Scout box. The Terminator could be from Deathwing/Genestealer.

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  2. The one with the wrench is a RT techmarine with a 2e power fist arm grafted on. The terminator marine is the original librarian with the original thunder hammer and storm shield (there were two designs of the shield, the other being the familiar crux terminatus).
    The others are plastic RTB01 plastic beakies and as stated, the original plastic scout sergeant originally from Advanced Space Crusade and also sold in the 40k set.
    Always love to see the old school stuff!

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