Dwarves. Present Arms!

I took some time to take a few shots of my entire Games Workshop dwarf muster that is otherwise scattered across a years worth of blog; filed under the category of fantasy if you’re keen to chase more detail.

The army is themed around the War of the Beard, so no guns or cannons.
Old Skool, just the way our dwarf elders like it.


Close up of General, leading the Longbeards

I suspect they may find out that things really weren’t better in the old days. We shall see.



Longbeards with army standard




Bolt throwers, protected by a dwarf slayer (aka The White Dwarf)


Some cross-bows on the right (left?) flank


Dwarf Thane – possibly my favourite dwarf miniature

Now it’s off for a wee bevvy or three.


8 thoughts on “Dwarves. Present Arms!

  1. Bevie earned mate! I’ve always secretly wanted a dwarf army – maybe soon I should treat myself to a few and see how it goes. I’m not usually crotchety and old school but those old dwarf warriors are cracking – much better than the silly looking modern ones. When are they from? They ring dim bells in my brain. Oh, and the Thane remains one of my all time favourite GW models. Nice work and great to see the whole army together 🙂

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    • Most of these models are around 10 years old, and sat assembled and undercoated until January 2015 summer holidays. I found once I started painting, dwarves don’t actually take very long to paint!
      The Longbeards are all metal, I don’t remember a box set but lots of blisters.Thanks.

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