A Dwarf Never Forgets

Which is just as well, because this dwarf army is taking a long time to complete.

The first unit of warriors is finally ready to punch in some elf-face. It’s all about the beard.

The army is nearly complete now, apart from flocking the bases. The main part of the army is a big block of longbeards, supported by crossbows and this unit of warriors.  I also have some war machines in case the enemy don’t want to get up close quick enough: a catapault and two balista.

No cannon, no muskets. This is a war of the beard army, old school!

Photos are just using my phone with no editing, but dwarfs don’t hold with too much fancy stuff.



2 thoughts on “A Dwarf Never Forgets

  1. Oh Dave. Not stunties. Next thing you’ll be putting bloody big hats on them and turning to Chaos. The old saying goes, “The only good stunty is a dead stunty. The only thing better is a dying stunty who tells you where his mates are.”
    Racial slurs aside, they look really good. The contrasting colours on the shields really make them stand out.


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