Apocalypse Soon

Tomorrow is the day. Or it is while I type this. It is probably in the past for you.
But the warp is like that. You only think it is the web.

I’ve had a look at the Emperor’s Tarot and we will have 12,500 points a side: Tyranids versus Space Marines. Six for Hive Mind and seven loyal defenders of humanity.

Only one gargantuan creature and no super heavies. I’ve packed every terminator I own as a prophylactic. You do not want Tyranid herpes.

While all ‘nids look the same to me, we will have five different chapters represented. In descending order of points there will be: Space Wolves, Dark Angels (including a Deathwing attachment), Imperial Fists, Ultramarines, and White Scars. By this time tomorrow we will know if it is enough to stop the tyranid invasion.

No pictures yet, but I’ve packed my camera.

I will be handing out these cards:


We always forget the finest hour rule. Always. Tomorrow I expect to see our warlords acting in suitably heroic and dramatic fashions.

To war!

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