Camo Evolution

I now have three different uniform schemes going on with my Germans: garden variety german field grey for most of the heer grenadiers; fallschirmjager camo jump suits (mid-war, rather than the late war splinter); and SS pea-dot camouflage.

Heer21 Heer18

I felt quite daunted by the prospect of painting camo schemes but I thought I would give it a go as I wanted to be able to tell my snipers apart without having to buy new models. Hearted by how that turned out (basically I used the SS scheme), I moved onto the paratroopers. I used the same technique for both, but with a different base colour.

I have used the same colour pallet across the three schemes, which helps tie the army together. Rumours that I was too lazy or cheap to buy more paint are unfounded.


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