Apocalypse Planning

It looks like there will be six space marine captains for our upcoming Tyranid versus Astartes apocalypse bash.  Munitorium scribes tell me that simple division (but is anything really simple?) is around 1,650 points per attachment.

Assuming the Hive Mind plays its usual shenanigans, I’m planning on 2,000 points. I can always leave stuff out on the day, but adding stuff when the chapter home world is a couple of parsecs (well, suburbs) away is a challenge.

I think a solid start will be a 1,000 points of terminators, led by a terminator chaplain.



I’m going to use the chaplain for three reasons: terminator armour, I don’t use him very often, and I like the model.

What’s better than 1,000 points of ultramarine terminators?

One thousand points of Imperial Fist terminators:


Led by the Fridge, of course.


Rubbish photos, but these were smuggled out of the secret assembly planet at great risk to our F&S journalist on his iPhone.


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