Tide of destruction

There is a swath of dead worlds that form a lifeless corridor through the sub-sector, perpendicular to the galactic plane. This line of planets, that otherwise lie in habitable zones, are devoid of life and even water.  Some are mere grey-goo, missing even the usual metallic and rare earth elements, as though they have been stripped and purged of all useful matter.  Imperial scholars suspect that they may be the result of an ancient rampage by a splinter-group of a larger Tyranid fleet.

Acrylic on canvas by my daugher Rose

One of the dead worlds.   Acrylic on canvas by Rose

In papers that are still classified by the Inquisition, Faith and Steel believe that xeno-archaeologists have reported finding evidence of battles having occurred on some of these dead worlds.

Consistent with the archeaological record, Imperial scholars report that planets near the zombie corridor have residual memories of a Tyranid invasion in their literature and folk lore.


Charcoal winged and fanged beast by Rose

A grave concern now exists that a larger fleet may be following in the wake of this ancient visitation. Stay tuned to Faith and Steel for the latest information.

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