What’s that smell? Oh, hi Papa Nurgle

A local model shop was selling the last of its GW stock, mostly fantasy that despite the price I’m not really interested in.  There were some Grey Knights, but I don’t need another project, so I left feeling a little bit restrained with a cut-price box of plague bearers. Lesser daemons work best in numbers, so a few more of these won’t go astray.


Nurgle are fun and easy to paint.  You could take a lot of care and time. Or, take a more organic approach and throw the paint down after a couple of reds and see what happens. So, no prizes but I they are suitably icky, so mission accomplished.






Excuse me, I have to go wash my hands now.

12 thoughts on “What’s that smell? Oh, hi Papa Nurgle

  1. That’s the awesome thing about painting Nurgle. The more messsy they are the better they look. I’ll have to see how they fare against the Emperor’s Purging Flame, one of these days.

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  2. Great work on these Nugleguys. They look suitably icky. Any plans to do some spot varnishing with the old gloss on them?
    And which shop is this? I’m always interested in getting some more fantasy stuff (at least till I finish these damned armies!)


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