Germans Stand To

Andy started painting the British, so I started with the Germans, both of us having secured a copy The Great War via Kickstarter (but now available to all from Plastic Soldier Company).  I’m yet to play but Andy has and reports good things with the latest addition to the Command and Colours game family.


German forces stand to in their trenches (on the game board)

I have completed the Germans, so when we do finally get to together it will be over beer and painted armies, and it is hard to ask for much more than that.



Machine gun team


Mortar team – they don’t need line of sight


After painting 28mm for a number of years, mostly at the heroic scale, 15mm certainly was a test for my eyesight.  Being smaller does have one advantage, there is less surface to paint which speeds things up a bit. Seeing some of these models close up in the photos has exposed my rather rough painting technique. They look much rougher than they do in their diminutive glory, so I think they’ll do the job.


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