The Kessel Run: Last Stand

The breakout failed, succour is not coming.

The only thing left is to inflict as terrible a toll as possible before annihilation.


Game 3. Last Stand. To be played if the attacker losses game one, Breakout.
If the Breakout was successful instead play Rearguard

Deployment: Dawn of War.

Set up three objectives, one in the centre of the table and take turns placing the remaining two somewhere in the defender’s half of the table.

The defender sets up first anywhere in their deployment zone; units may be placed in reserve, make scout moves or infiltrate as normal.  The Attacker then deploys anywhere in their deployment zone. The Attacker goes first unless the initiative is seized.

Mission Special Rules:  Night Fight, Slay the Warlord, Variable Turns, Last Stand, Final Push

Last Stand: The defender may nominate one location as their bastion, increasing its cover save by one.  Defenders within 6” of the bastion gain the Stubborn special rule

Final Push: Attacking infantry units (but not any dedicated transports) that are destroyed or are falling back are not eliminated but instead may be placed in ongoing reserve. Units arriving from ongoing reserve will enter the table along their long table edge.

Victory: 3VP for each objective.  The winner is the player with the most VP.

Recycling units can be a bit underwhelming, as units returning to the table often have little impact on the game. Alternatively the attacking force could have more points than the defenders, say 2000 to 1500. In this case I would be tempted to force the attacker to keep at least half their army in reserve and not recycle troops.

There is no opening barrage for two reasons: the other two missions have them and I want to reflect the fragmentation and confusion in the kessel after the breakout has failed. I assume that the barrage has allowed the attacking units to get to their start lines relatively unmolested and must now go in for the final assault.


Now to the play tests.


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