Kessel Run: Breakout

So this is the first mission for my Kessel Run mini-campaign. In this game the trapped force are the attackers. To win, they must try to get forces into the enemy deployment zone.  The defenders must stop them.

I’ve written this as 40K, but the idea would work for just about any modern or sci-fi system. The actual points don’t matter much, I think something around the 1,750 mark makes a nice game. Also, in the grim dark future pretty much any two factions will work.


Some of Joe’s lovely 30K Death Guard get ready to bust a move

Game 1: Breakout

Attacker: You have found yourself encircled and trapped. Supplies are low and you must breakout or face annihilation.

Defender: You have managed to trap a sizable battle group of your enemy. You must keep them from breaking out while a final assault to destroy your enemy is planned.

Deployment is dawn of war.

Defenders set up to half of their force in their deployment zone, the rest must go in reserve.  The attacker can set up normally. This represents the element of surprise. The attacking force may not outflank.

Mission special rules: Night Fight, Slay the Warlord, Reserves, Variable Turns,
Opening Bombardment, Limited Fuel.

Opening Bombardment: after deployment but before turn one the attacking player gets 3 S8 AP3, ordinance, barrage, large blast attacks. These shots are considered indirect fire (full 2d6” scatter).

Limited Fuel:  Fuel stocks are critical for the breakout (attacking) force.  All vehicle units, except flyers which are assumed to operate from a base beyond the kessel, are subject to Limited Fuel.  All terrain is considered difficult to vehicles and on a roll of one run out of fuel and become immobilised.  Dozer blades and similar do not confer re-rolls for running out of fuel. Note: vehicles do not need to roll twice for actual difficult terrain.

Victory: the attacker gets 2VP for each scoring unit in the attackers deployment zone at the end of the game. Scoring units for the attacker are all units except flyers and dedicated transports.  The defender gets 1VP per destroyed scoring enemy unit.


Khorne defend the only way they know how: launching a counter-attack

Hoping to test this mission in a couple of weeks.  My main concern is around the victory conditions. I think the goals are right but I’m not sure that the victory point balance is right. 1VP for reaching the deployment zone doesn’t seem enough, so I think it is OK.


4 thoughts on “Kessel Run: Breakout

  1. I look forward to seeing the BatRep. You could always tweak it more slightly by going for 3vp for breakout units and 2vp per unit killed. Hard to tell though, since lists, terrain and of course dice can make all the difference!

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