Betting on hedges

I love it when a plan comes together.  I had the pleasure of attending Bolt Action Melbourne in August, and playing three fun games on three of the many fine looking tables on the day.  I rarely think to take photos on the day, I’m generally too busy generalling to remember.  Buy the terrain was great. Trust me.

This made me think that my own tables have, after years of playing little else, a very 40K look.  Great for the grim dark future but not so useful for defeating nazis. Time for some new terrain, because we always have time for a new project.

Another happy accident took me to this blog and a tutorial on how to build hedges.

My efforts are not so smick as Gimgamgoo’s but his instructions are clear and easy to follow. My observation is that orange dish scourers work surprisingly well but blue ones not so much. Pretty much green is the go, for reasons that are obvious now but not so obvious when I grabbed the packet in my local $2 shop.  I’ve seen hedges done with single fat scourers, which seems labour saving, but the shop didn’t stock any.

Anyway, craft sticks, scourers, some hot glue and cheap $2 shop paint.  I’m happy.


2 thoughts on “Betting on hedges

  1. Keep an eye out for cheap sets of Mantic’s Mars Attacks buildings. They make pretty good scenery for Bolt Action and Moderns as well as still having solid use in 40k. The DUST plastic buildings and Quonset huts are also very good.


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